Financial Overview

To inspire health and wellness in our patients and communities, we strive to continuously increase access to care and wellness resources and innovate to promote patients’ best possible outcomes. To support this care commitment, our healthcare system must also stay financially healthy.

Summary of 2021 Community Benefits

Salinas Valley Health supports the community with grants and sponsorships to organizations and nonprofit agencies furthering a mission of health and wellness. In addition, we help cover the costs of care that are not fully covered by insurance or government programs, and for patients who have limited financial resources.

Summary of 2020 Community Benefits
Improving Access to Care
Unpaid cost of Medicare program$70,903,000
Unpaid cost of Medi-Cal program43,060,000
Charity care for uninsured10,485,000
Outpatient care and additional uncompensated expenses41,587,000
Total Benefits166,035,000
Community Health Initiatives
Community health education and awareness1,891,000
Community grants/support963,000
Total Benefits$2,854,000
Total Community Giving Impact$168,889,000

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